Microblade Hairstroke Eyebrows

The technique which simulates natural-looking hairstroke eyebrows

Microblade Hairstroke is an advanced eyebrow tattooing technique used to create thin, hair like marks on the skin, which mimic natural hair eyebrows. It is ideal for creating a very realistic looking eyebrow and microblading is quickly becoming a very popular method in permanent makeup.

The  microblade hairstroke eyebrow technique is NOT ALWAYS the best solution for creating natural looking brows. An experienced permanent makeup and microblade artist will be able to determine which technique would better suit your desired result. The amount of hair present, your hair growth pattern, your type of skin, the color desired all have to be considered when creating permanent eyebrows.

WORD TO THE WISE! It is very important to do your research when choosing an artist. Check training certificates, health department permit, bloodborne pathogen certificates, artist photos and approve your shape before proceeding.  THIS IS A TATTOO! Every week I receive calls from frantic women upset with their brows. It’s much harder to fix than apply.
MICROBLADE HAIR STROKE EYEBROW TECHNIQUE AVAILABLE  (check our facebook page for other downloaded photos)

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