Dear Reader,

Wanda has been a tremendous asset to our practice. In addition to permanent makeup for our cosmetic surgery patients, she has provided a valuable service to our cleft lip patients by artistic camouflage of their lip scars. This contributes greatly to their self esteem and self confidence. We are please to have her talents available to our patients.

Mitchell F. Grasseschi, M.D., FACS
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Evanston, Illinois

“I love my eyeliner. My sight was making it difficult to draw nice eyeliner. Now I never have to worry and it doesn’t smudge.”

Dear Wanda,

This is just to say thank you very much for all your great work. I really love my eyebrows. It makes getting ready in the morning a great deal easier and quicker!

I also really appreciate all of your follow-up work to ensure that my brows are the best that they can be. You give an excellent value for my money. I doubt very much if other places would take the time and trouble to make sure my brows would be to my satisfaction.

Best regards,
Lora Ghan

“I’ve looked for five years for someone who could do permanent makeup this natural. I’m so glad I found you.”


I am thrilled to be telling you all about my PERMANENT makeup experience. Creating my new “face” was exciting. The only real challenge was how to manage “face ache”, it’s easy. The application of permanent makeup does create a minor amount of swelling. It’s normal so don’t be afraid, I wasn’t. “Face-ache” was easily relieved with an over the counter cold medicine. The medication helped reduce the tenderness in my face, the congestion in my nose and tearing of my eyes. The whole procedure is quick and definitely not scary, for me it was about 3 hours from start to finish. It was well worth it!


Dear Wanda,

I LOVE my eyeliner. You were professional and friendly and made the whole process easy. It is so nice to not have to apply eyeliner everyday anymore. It always looks perfect now. Again, thanks so much for your service.

—Deb M.   – Homewood, IL

After chemo therapy, my eyelashes didn’t come back. I’ve never been into makeup, but my eyes looked weird. A friend had had permanent eyeliner done in Hong Kong, but I couldn’t find an artist here whom I felt comfortable tattooing my eyes. Then I found Wanda. Not only did she put me at ease, but she also had the aesthetic sense to understand what my eyes needed. More importantly, she could make it a reality!

Not only do I no longer look in the mirror and see my eyelash-less self, but sometimes, I get compliments on my eye makeup. That’s me: the woman who doesn’t use it.

Thank you, Wanda. Your work is amazing and it really lifted me up.

— Meg

Wanda did my eyebrows and did an AMAZING job!!!! She is very thorough and has a lot of experience with Makeup Tattooing. She gave me the most natural, beautifully done eyebrows, and used a color that matched my hair tone perfectly. Her talent is remarkable and if you are looking for any makeup tattooing, DO NOT LOOK ANY FURTHER… Wanda is your girl!!

— Melissa J.

I am loving my Eyebrows and my eye makeup. Wanda did a Wonderful job and couldn’t of been nicer. I am thrilled with the time I am saving getting ready every morning. Not to mention I am in that stage of life where at the end of the day I look at the mirror and see almost all my makeup gone. Melted away. Not anymore, at the end of the day I look as good as I did in the morning. If your on the fence, jump, Wanda won’t disappoint, she is AMAZING.

— Cindy T.

Had my eyeliner done by Wanda and I LOVE it!! I wanted a very thin line and I got exactly what I asked for. Wanda is an amazing artist and a very sweet person too! I highly recommended Wanda Enoch!

— Jocelyn

I had my brows microbladed and wow! They are so beautiful and realistic. My husband who never approves of me doing things like this is now a fan. He says they look so real he can’t believe it. Trust Wanda for excellent work.

— Bridget

This gal is a true artist!!! She knew exactly what would look right and her work looks so natural. People can’t tell they are tattoos and are amazed!! SO SO happy with her work!— Jocelyn

— Brynn

Wanda is amazing!! Love her, she’s an artist. And her personality makes you feel right at home!

— Cerissa

Wanda did my eyebrows and I love them…I have also got a lot of compliments on them…Thanks wanda great work!

— Lisa